Dirk Haage

Dirk Haage discovered West Coast Swing in Spring 2013 and immediately fell in love with the freedom and room for creativity the dance provides. During 2014 he studied the dance at its roots in San Diego, California, learning from some of the best teachers (amongst others Chuck Brown, Michael Kielbasa, Mario Robau, Malia San Nicolas and Stephen and Sonya White).

Coming from Latin and Ballroom dancing and with his insight in other dances - couple and solo, he brings a unique perspective for body mechanics and the general concept of lead and follow technique to his West Coast Swing classes.

Dirk currently competes in the advanced division, is a certified judge, and is judging competitions in North America and internationally up to the Champions level. He is the organizer of the official WSDC event Bavarian Open, Municorn Swing and Berlin Swing Revolution.


Dirk Haage & Abby Stone - MADjam 2016 Finals All-Stars Strictly Swing (5th place)

Dirk Haage & Karin Kakun - Holy Land Open 2016 Finals Advanced/All-Stars Jack & Jill (2nd place)

Dirk Haage & Olga Usmanova - Russian Open 2015 Finals Open Strictly Swing

Dirk Haage & Lee Hoory - Holy Land Open 2015 Finals Intermediate Jack & Jill

Dirk Haage & Ekaterina Egorova - Swing & Snow 2015 Finals Open Strictly Swing